Kit Robinson

kit robinsonKit Robinson is the author of Determination (Cuneiform, 2010), The Messianic Trees: Selected Poems, 1976-2003 (Adventures in Poetry, 2009), Train I Ride (BookThug, 2009), and 17 other books of poetry. A co-author of The Grand Piano: An Experiment in Collective Autobiography, San Francisco, 1975-1980 (Mode A, 2006-2010), Robinson lives in Berkeley, works as a freelance writer and plays Cuban tres guitar in the Latin dance band Bahia Son.

for Elio Villafranca & John Benitez

For your teaching and musical direction
I want to thank you from my heart
Without you I would have been a lonely tresero
Neither piano nor guitar
You showed me the way to lay down the montuno
In solid clave, guajira style
And when we hit it our descarga
Was something I will not forget
Thank you my teachers for showing me the way
Thank you my brothers, you are true compadres


At Tom’s Place
for Larry Ochs and Andrea Centazzo

In one music erase the adjustments
Sound comes on, I hear it well
I am the I who will
Great and green and revolving as all who might
Stop comparing yourself to others, that is, pay as much attention to others as you
.           like and give them their due, but reserve your greatest attention for your
.           own work, there and only there can any of this be worked out

Go deeper: seeds, birds, comfort, fields, tickets, spurs, diamonds, dirt, posters, flies,
.           sickness, air, fuel, dispatches, months, mentions, hairpins, larders,
.           pronunciations, stays, brickbats, tires, flourishes, administrations, carnivals,
.           snakes, oars, coins, temples, feet, decisions, harbors, treaties, props, dance
.           steps, jargon, hockey pucks, herbs, rocks, slime, odds, temperatures,
.           coalitions, epochs, confessions, territories, lies, sobs, birthmarks, deadlines,
.           toasts, bugs, tunes, baths, doctors, delights, ministries, potions, awards,
.           shivers, bannisters, problems, tear sheets, globules, interstices, curtains,
.           baskets
Now that all that has been wrung out…
Not even relevant? Relevant to what?
It’s a long night. With many stars in between
The information is a little, uh, sketchy

Mr. Magoo meets Gerald McBoing Boing at the Rathskeller in Piscataway
Pretty Wombat
Balinese mumble-de-peg
Empty corridor, dawn light, sequencing retrospective ideas, only enough for one
Imaginary light, dial tone, hands free, token resistance, bedroll bathyscaphe, thumb
.               home

Shimmering kind of, laid out across space
Penitentiary flim-flam
Erase the seams
Moon of the misbehavin’
It’s only here, and you are only here to hear it, or not, or you are only there not to
.               hear it, or only hear it not to be there. In any case, you undoubtedly are

Music of words about music
Sound is my office and tuning the work of days. Nights I braid signals in an open
.               pipe
Houston we have a glob
Who’s that knockin’?
Celestial tea


Three Beautiful Americans

Arabic, Persian, Indonesian and Vietnamese
Are underserved
Macedonian, over

The crowd is the source
Professionals await you

The long tail of the digital dragon
Moves fast
Spells your name in page views

And the eyes have it
The eyeballs you buy up

Everyone wants to know your secret
Get rid of them all
But one

Behind the firewall
Or in the cloud



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