Joseph Burrows

Joseph Burrows_Fiction_MARYJoseph Burrows is twenty-one years old and attends Saint Ambrose University. He will be one of the first few dozen students to graduate with a writing degree from the university.


Little People

Some days I pretend there is a little man outside of the school bus window racing the bus. And in my moms car I see the same little man. When my mom tells me that everything will work out I pretend that I am that little man out side the car window. And sometimes I run away. I cant always be that little man though. When my mom turns a corner, he would sometimes disappear. And all I would see is myself in the smudgy window. My mom calls me her little man because my dad doesn’t anymore. Whenever she says this I want to disappear like my little man does when we turn a corner. And run away, away from my small town. To the big city with everyone else’s little men who just want to run too. Running through the big city roads my little man will disappear around every corner away from all the smudgy faces and window handprints. If my little man doesn’t like the city he will run to all the places I read about in the books my mom gives me when she says everything will work out. And if my little man runs long enough and far enough he will find my dads little man in the big city. Mom says he is running too.


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