Jeff Haynes

jeffhaynes_poetrynouveau_MARYJeff Haynes is an MFA candidate at Virginia Tech, where he also serves as Managing Editor of the Minnesota Review. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in: Mixed Fruit, The Hollins Critic, The Roanoke Review, and Word Riot. He lives in Christiansburg, VA.


The Rorschach Tests Prove I am a Well-Adjusted Adult

Blot 1: Butterfly

Some people are not

.                   .      cut out for parenthood

It is said that

.                   .                   acupuncture can turn

.              a breech baby upright

I was born on a Wednesday in the spring

Blot 2: Human Face

During her divorce

.                   .                   my mother

.                   swore she once

.                   .                   saw an angel

.                   My father and I share the same name

Blot 3: Two Hummingbirds

I have an unhealthy respect

.                   .                   for other motorists

I am afraid of car crashes

.                   .                   train wrecks

.                   jet planes falling

.                   .                   .          at five hundred feet per second

.                   I think about death

.                   .                   whenever I am in motion

Blot 4: A Fallen Building

My brother starts small fires

.                   .                   he doesn’t finish

.                   Once, I fell in love

.                   .                   .       with the sunken hull

.                   .           of the Titanic

I find beauty in things that fail

Blot 5: Deer Skull

I believe in poltergeists and aliens

.             Every inch of our blood is a miracle

Blot 6: Flowers in a Vase

I think balloons are ugly

.                   .         I cry at baptisms and weddings

Blot 7: Ribcage

Sometimes I sleepwalk

.                   .                   .                 I worry about cancer

.                I talk when I dream

Blot 8: Forest

I want to speak

.                   .       the many languages of nature

.            I know two of them

.                   .                   I communicate poorly

Blot 9: A Crucifix

.                   .                   I’ve never known anyone who has died

Blot 10: Hands Holding One Another

I kiss my wife

.                   .                   with both eyes open

.                   We make love

.                   .                   with the lights on

What I fear most is loss


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