Laura Pendell

laurapendell_nouveaupoetry_MARYLaura Pendell has an MFA from Mills College. She grew up in New York City and (happily) now lives in the Foothills of the Sierra with her husband and cat. She writes, makes hand bound books and tends a garden. Her poems can be found in Jelly Bucket, The Tulane Review, Talking River and Soundings East or on line at Foliate Oak, Blue Lake Review, Wild Violet and the Assisi Journal. You can read her very occasional musings at

It’s Not Magic

it’s not magic
you don’t wake up
in a new home
3000 miles
from the home
you’ve always known
and find yourself
in a new body
with a new mind
starting over
the same
as a blank slate
there is no name
for what this is
not really
don’t kid yourself
you bring it all with you
even if you try
to throw everything away
before you leave
(the paper stuff
the furniture)
even traveling light
you can’t throw yourself


Last Meeting
My father always told me
if I’d only had children
things would be better
between us and
I would understand.

Then came the cold gray day.
We sat across from each other
at his kitchen table.
Another lecture.
I can’t remember

if the table’s bare wood was
light or dark,
square or rectangular, only
that as he talked
it seemed to get bigger and he seemed

farther and farther away,
space growing between us
with each word. The clock
on the wall, ticking each minute.
Two hours later

I left his kitchen, traveled the long
linoleum corridor to the door.
The father I’d hugged when I walked in
had turned his back, silent now,
no last word, not even good-bye.



1.    Four distant
2.    Indo-European ancestor of English four (qwetwor)
3.    Germanic descendant (petwor)
4.    teen

5.    the element teen
6.    (as in fourteen)
7.    etc. originated as an inflected
8.    form of ten

9.    lines
10.  goes back to Latin linea (string) this was
11.  derivative of linum (flax)—source of
12.  English linen (etymologically: flaxen thread)

13.  son
14.  net


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